Connect, Reconnect, & Keep in Touch

Through the FUTURE community we hope to encourage ongoing relationships within each cohort and also work toward a network of women in physics. The directory is a list of participants, in alphabetical order. You can also search by institution for more information about FUTURE alums from a specific undergraduate program or contact info for someone in a graduate program.

FUTURE Organizing Committee

Please feel free to contact us at FUTUR1670344267E@cal1670344267tech.1670344267edu1670344267 with any questions about the program.

David Hsieh
David HsiehFUTURE Program Co-Chair; Prof. of Physics
Shreya Anand
Shreya AnandFUTURE Program Co-Chair; Physics Grad Student
Freddy Mora
Freddy MoraUndergraduate Affairs and Course Coordinator for PMA